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Agency Funds

An Agency Fund is a cost-effective and easy way for nonprofits of all sizes to invest their funds safely, securely and with low fees.

How it Works

We work with nonprofits and their boards to help grow funds. Agency Funds offer nonprofits access to investment pools that are not always accessible to small organizations. Nonprofits may set up an Endowed (principal is guarded from spending) or Expendable Fund and may choose from three different investment pools or a money-market account.

The minimum to open an Agency Fund is $10,000. Donors, as well as the nonprofit organization itself, may then add to the fund any time.

3VCF takes care of all reporting and tracking of the nonprofit fund, including IRS filings. The nonprofit will receive a quarterly financial statement detailing the assets in the fund and may view their account at any time via our donor portal. Agency Fund holders also have lower cost access to 3VCF’s services on legacy planning and gift assistance as well as on complex gift processing (real estate, cryptocurrency, etc).

Contact 3VCF CEO Kelly Bowers at to learn more.