Founding Champions

Please join us to support our region!

Invest in Our Region

The Tri-Valley (Amador, Livermore and San Ramon Valleys and corresponding cities) is a region rich in innovation and achievement. Our annual GDP of over $40 billion is impressive. Yet less than one half of one percent of those funds return to our area to support our local nonprofits and community needs. Unfortunately, there are many residents facing daunting challenges. Three Valleys Community Foundation seeks to change that and we invite you to join us.

Over the next year our Founding Champions program will offer an opportunity for everyone in our community to help strengthen our region. We’re grateful to the government, corporate and community leaders who’ve already recognized the power and promise of this opportunity and have risen to the challenge to become our first Founding Champions – including:

California State Flower Poppies

Join Us

For those who believe in the promise and potential of our Three Valleys region, we invite you to become a Founding Champion of Three Valleys Community Foundation (3VCF). A unrestricted gift of $500 or more to support 3VCF core operations is an investment in our community that will pay dividends for years to come. Your funds will enable 3VCF to work with donors, nonprofits and community leaders to grow our philanthropic base and to address key challenges and opportunities throughout the region.  

Our special Founding Champion program extends only through 2022.  Join us to pay it forward, strengthening the power of three in our community.