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We Are Pleasanton Fund

The mission of We Are Pleasanton is to improve our school facilities through business and community support. Founded by a dedicated group of citizens, We Are Pleasanton raises funds for Pleasanton school projects based on the belief that we need A+ campuses in order to sustain our A+ schools.

Thank you – We Did It!

A sincere thanks to the extended Pleasanton community – and the individuals, families, corporations and organizations who joined our campaign to support Pleasanton Schools. In just six weeks we raised nearly $250,000 to support Foothill High School – with new level pathways, lighting from the parking lot to the stadium as well as to the Varsity Baseball field. The project will also improve the upper stadium entrance with level ground and adding companion seating. New outdoor basketball courts will be installed as well as a ramp from the upper stadium to field level and a new sound system. 

Now the real work begins!  You can keep track of these planned improvements and even join our group to discuss future projects. We Are Pleasanton is a group of volunteers working with the school district, teachers and students to improve school facilities for the students, families and visitors to our city. Our schools are the face of Pleasanton and must represent the great teaching and learning that is taking place. Contact us to learn more at

On behalf of our volunteers and this fund at 3VCF, a very special thank you for your help! 

Todd Utikal – Co-Founder /

3VCF Board Chair John Sensiba (l) with We are Pleasanton Co-Founder Todd Utikal, 3VCF Advisory Board Member Joe Cristiano and 3VCF CEO/President Kelly Bowers.
Foothill Plans
Planned Improvements to Foothill Stadium Facility
Foothill Stadium
We Are Pleasanton is proud to support our great Pleasanton schools by raising funds to improve facilities for our students and their families. Our schools are one of the main reasons people move to Pleasanton. With the support of businesses and individuals, our community will continue to be proud of our schools.”

-Todd Utikal – co-founder of We Are Pleasanton