We are looking forward to working with our donors and partners to make a positive impact on our Tri-Valley region.

Three Valleys Community Foundation is in its start-up phase. We are listening, learning, and building partnerships with organizations, leaders, donors, and volunteers in our region and in neighboring regions. We are established as a 501c3 and able to accept donations and make grants. Please visit our Partners page to learn more about our alliances and our Donations page to learn how you can support our efforts. 

The Tri-Valley is a thriving region with a GDP of over $40 billion and yet only 0.5% of that stays in our region via philanthropy compared to a national average of 1.5 – 2.0%. Our goal is to increase the percentage of local wealth that supports local needs. There are over 300 local nonprofits serving the Tri-Valley region, and they deserve our support.

We are actively reaching out to local nonprofits and community members to learn more about the most pressing issues in our region. In the future, we are planning to establish area-specific funds to address these issues. Please Contact Us if you have ideas about future 3VCF funds.

Please join us to support the Tri-Valley region!