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At its May 3, 2022 meeting, the Pleasanton City Council affirmed its support for Three Valleys Community Foundation (3VCF), a community foundation established in November 2021 that connects donor funding partners to local organizations to make meaningful impacts to local communities, with a $50,000 grant award to support the initial administrative and operational needs of the foundation.

“Community partnerships are incredibly valuable as they help to fill funding and service gaps that are necessary to meet the needs of our community,” stated Mayor Karla Brown. “The Three Valleys Community Foundation is taking on a great responsibility and a pivotal role in expanding our collective capacity to deliver services to our residents; I believe they will make a lasting impact by directing funding to local projects and programs that will benefit our entire region.”

The $50,000 grant award will be provided in three equal annual installments each July 1, beginning in 2022.

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The Three Valleys Community Foundation seeks to strengthen our vibrant region through inclusive leadership, thoughtful funding, informed giving, and collaborative action.